Work is an important part of our lives, and we care about each other’s well-being.
We want to promote mutual respect, understanding and equality in our society.
We take responsibility for sustainable development. Humanity is the basis of trust.


Trust is our most important asset and the basis of all our operations.
Trust stems from integrity and interaction, and it must be regained every day. Trust is a prerequisite of development.

Constant development

To succeed, we must anticipate changes around us, and adapt to and make good use of them.
We are never complete, neither as a company nor as individuals. We must support each other and encourage development, which in turn functions as the basis for profitability.


Financial profitability is crucial for any successful company. Our job is to ensure the financial well-being of not only the company but also our employees, owners and the society as a whole.
We look after our companies because we want the next generation to take over one day.


Code of ethics


EM Group’s code of ethics is based on our values. We comply with the laws, regulations and accepted operating methods in each of our countries of operation. We also follow the principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the International Labour Organization.


We respect all people and consider every individual equal. We operate responsibly and have high morals.


We want to be fair and honest in all our operations. We expect that our partners also comply with the relevant laws and regulations. We want to serve our customers and partners as well as possible.

Safety at work

We want to offer a safe and healthy place to work. We and our employees are jointly responsible for well-being at work.

The environment

We want to promote sustainable development and production all over the world. We take the environment into consideration in all of our operations.

Voluntary responsibility

We willingly take responsibility for the surrounding communities. We participate in their operations and in projects to promote the public good.